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Photographer, Anthony Stokes' book, 'The Valleys' appeared in 2007 to coincide with an exhibition at the Cynon Valley Museum, Aberdare. The first pictures were made in 2002.

The Valleys

Our second exhibition at ffotogaleri y gofeb features the work of Anthony stokes

How does a photographer portray home

from 4/05/18 to 31/08/18



From the start the photographs were witness to the 'evolving vernacular of modern expectations and fashion'. In place of the expected photographic conventions depicting the Valleys; lines of terraces and blasted landscapes, Anthony Stokes desired closer connections.

With an 'at a tangent' approach and a trained eye for form and colour, Tony prefered the contents of people's front windows and their re-paints, straining towards beauty. 'The people themselves appear in what they have made, or modified, to express their nature.'

Sixteen years on, Anthony Stokes has further explored his response to living in the Valleys. He has continued to observe the cycle of modifications in the houses and shopfronts and public buildings; vacant sites, dregs of industry, casual construction and recent development in the scoured landscape. And whilst dereliction and institutional neglect more constantly meet his photographer's eye, in turn, he creates, with his particular sensitivity to colour and design, a truer if  affectionate view of the Valleys .

a remarkable and rich commentary on south Wales.
— Poetry Wales Press, 2007




 Depot, Gilfach Goch

Depot, Gilfach Goch

this huge, beautiful, muddled landscape
— Anthony Stokes, 2007
 Aitch, Trehafod

Aitch, Trehafod



Anthony Stokes continues to photograph the changes in the Valleys and the exhibition includes his most recent pictures made in 2017

New Build Brymenyn, 2012